Grim habits in the workplace

We’ve all heard from friends moaning about a slob at work, or how their office hadn’t been cleaned properly. It’s rare for anyone to actually talk about their lovely clean office, it is just accepted that the a work place and office should be sparking clean and a pleasant place to work. A recent study[…]

New Year – New Start

Christmas has come and gone and a new year has started. It’s at this time of the year that lots of new clients sign up to our services, as our clients decide to make changes in their lives. It could be that they have decided that they no longer want the stress of cleaning the[…]

Commercial cleaning company Cornwall

Combine our services: Why using our cleaning and maintenance together works so well

Whether you usually use us for our commercial cleaning service or you normally have us for maintenance, combining our services is a great way to make sure the job goes smoothly. Everyone wants the least complicated solution, the ones that don’t create issues or the potential for things to go wrong. When it comes to[…]