Sparkles Christmas cleaning tips

Christmas is nearly here and with lots of us having extra guests, no-one wants to leave a bad impression by having a dirty home. This may sound obvious but with the extra pressures on us all at this time of the year, it can be hard to make your home sparkle, especially if time is an issue.

Here are our top Christmas cleaning tips to impress even the fussiest of guests.

  1. Make time in your diary to give your home a deep clean – no time? Do a little bit each day. 5 minutes here or there is a lot better then nothing, or leaving it all till a few hours before the guests arrive.
  2. Pull all furniture into the centre of the room. Thoroughly dust and hoover before you put everything back. This is a great time to have a sort out and a tidy up too.
  3. Just before you do ‘the big shop’ clean the fridge and cupboards -if you have tins lurking, that you are unlikely to use – why not donate them to your local food bank? Just make sure they are in date. Not only have you done a good deed, but you have cleared some much needed space.
  4. Deep clean the oven. There’s nothing worse then preparing lots of meals and your oven is smeeching – this is not appetizing for guests. Lots of supermarkets sell oven cleaners that can make a real difference.
  5. Think about washing the carpets, this can create a great impression and can even eliminate odours and stains. No carpet washer? Sprinkle some baking soda on your carpet, just before you hoover. It can help to neutralize smelly carpets.
  6. Open your windows and give the house a good air – this literally takes minutes and can really help to freshen up your house.
  7. Vinegar is a great cleaner – to create a really good impression wash towels with 1/2 cup of vinegar. It can refresh towels as well as softening them.
  8. Spar a small amount of deodorizing room spray on soft furnishings, this can help to create the impression of a freshly cleaned house.
  9. Keep a pile of cloths in handy reach – if guests do spill drinks or food, the sooner it’s dealt with means the less of a stain it will create.

We hope you have enjoyed reading these top tips, if you are still struggling to find the time to deep clean your house, why not call in the experts? Sparkles offers a great deep clean as well as carpet and window washing. Please call us on: 07999 072619 for more details.

Christmas cleaning tips

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