New Year – New Start

Christmas has come and gone and a new year has started. It’s at this time of the year that lots of new clients sign up to our services, as our clients decide to make changes in their lives.

It could be that they have decided that they no longer want the stress of cleaning the office or shop, or the business has expanded enough for them to outsource their cleaning. Whatever the reason we are always really busy with queries in January.

Lots of clients are surprised at the extent services that we offer – more then lots of other commercial cleaning companies and are pleased to find a company in Cornwall that can offer a multitude of services.

Alongside our commercial cleaning service which also includes carpet washing and window washing we also have a great team of people dedicated to property maintenance. This means that not only can we provide regular cleans but we can also do the odd bits of maintenance that pop up from time to time. As an existing customer we have a quick turnaround on the maintenance jobs so no frustrating 6-8 week wait to get an issue sorted, that you may find with other companies.

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