Grim habits in the workplace

We’ve all heard from friends moaning about a slob at work, or how their office hadn’t been cleaned properly. It’s rare for anyone to actually talk about their lovely clean office, it is just accepted that the a work place and office should be sparking clean and a pleasant place to work.

A recent study showed that 1 in 10 workers felt they had been made ill or caught a sickness bug from an unhygienic work environment, below are our top 9 grim work habits:

  1. A bugbear in most workplaces – co-workers not pulling their weight and washing their dishes, not taking turns to empty the dishwasher or at it’s worst putting dirty dishes back in the cupboard for someone else to use/find — pretty grim.
  2. Not flushing the toilet or leaving the toilet looking like you wouldn’t want to touch it with a barge pole.
  3. Not washing hands – did you read about Pete Hegseth from Fox News? He┬árecently said he never washed his hands – seriously (I hope he was joking), this is sure fire way for germs to spread and quite frankly is disgusting, I can’t believe that he doesn’t end up with lots of stomach issues!
  4. Eating something smelly,that permeates the office, not just for lunchtime but a few days after.
  5. Spills on the carpets, employers can spend a small fortune making the work space look good, for it to be ruined by careless employees and this can be a breeding ground for bacteria – a good carpet wash can solve this.
  6. Sneezing without a tissue, ewww – germs flying everywhere; on a keyboard, on the telephone and onto a co-workers desk space.
  7. Coughing and not covering your mouth – again a sure fire ways for germs to spread onto different surfaces in the office.
  8. Stuffing bins until they are overflowing – is this an unconscious competition to see how much a bag can hold?
  9. Eating at desks, I think most people have done this and most will clean up after themselves but there are definitely a few who won’t. We have cleaned several offices where they have had lots of fruit flies which have been feasting on some festering remains of food.

Unfortunately it is not as simple as getting staff to follow a few simple ‘rules’ to make it a better workplace for the majority and staff can also end up taking time off work due to illness and stomach upsets, so it is important for a workplace to be as hygienic as possible.

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