Don’t do it yourself – leave it to the experts

It can be easy in today’s climate to try and cut costs wherever we can, but something not worth scrimping on is the cleanliness of your workspace/office.

Whilst it can seem like a good idea not to outsource, it can add undue pressure on to yourself or staff if they have to take turns to keep the office clean, it may not be done to a certain standard as they begrudge doing it. They may be too busy with other jobs and feel under extra pressure.

When you outsource to professionals you get an office that is cleaned to very high standards, it can even reduce staff illness as germs are properly taken care of. Staff may be more efficient and productivity may well increase as their work space is a nice environment to be in.

Sparkles has been cleaning for offices in Cornwall for many years and we have built up a reputation for providing a first class service that not only is efficient but cost effective too. We are reliable and can cater our services to what you really need. The great thing about  outsourcing to us is that we can provide other services when required, so if your windows needs a clean or there’s been a spillage on the carpet, we can look after this for you to.

If you are interested in getting on touch please call us on: 07999 072619 where we will be able to discuss your cleaning needs.


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