Commercial Cleaning Cornwall FAQ’s

What areas do you cover?

Sparkles cleaning and maintenance offer a through and reliable commercial cleaning service, covering most areas in Cornwall. From Penzance, Redruth to Truro and Newquay we have all your cleaning needs taken care of.

So why do I need a commercial cleaning company?

If you are a business that doesn’t have time, then inclination or you simply want to outsource to professionals, please get in touch. We are highly competitive with pricing and offer a thorough service and reliable service.

What businesses do you clean for?

We offer cleaning services for offices, retails units, pubs, restaurants, camp sites – you name it we cover it.

How often can I use you?

Some of our clients like a daily clean, whilst others are happy having us out weekly or monthly – it all depends on you. We are happy to work with you as often or as little as needed.

Why should I hire a professional?

We are the experts, we know how to make your work space or retail outlet look amazing and be thoroughly clean. Did you know the average office keyboard has up to 7500 bacteria lurking on it at any given time or that your keyboard could be making you ill.

What are the benefits of hiring you?

A thorough clean can actually help reduce illness in the workplace.

A clean environment can increase productivity

it can help make a good impression

Customers expect it! You can lose sales/footfall if you are showcasing a dirty shop/pub/guest house.

Do you offer any add-ons?

Yes on top of our normal service we also offer window washing and carpet cleaning. Great if you need to make a good impression or if it just needs doing.

How do I book you?

Get in touch using our contact form or call: 07999 072619.






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