Combine our services: Why using our cleaning and maintenance together works so well

Whether you usually use us for our commercial cleaning service or you normally have us for maintenance, combining our services is a great way to make sure the job goes smoothly.

Everyone wants the least complicated solution, the ones that don’t create issues or the potential for things to go wrong. When it comes to cleaning and maintenance it’s no different.

When you look at sorting out a project you have in mind, it can take time. Not just to get in quotes but to try and make sure each company can work within the required time-slot and work together, when this doesn’t go to plan, it can be costly and very stressful. A project manager can help with this, but it can be expensive.

So how can you solve this? When you use a company that can provide all the services that you need, it eliminates the possibility for lots of mistakes and delays to occur.

Sparkles is slightly different from normal commercial cleaning companies. We will not only leave your office spotless, we provide maintenance services as well. This is great if you need plastering done at your premises or general maintenance that requires a good clean up after.

We can do everything from painting and decorating to carpentry and fencing. Combine this with a deep clean at the end and the inconvenience to yourself and your business is minimal.

Even if you aren’t a regular client but are looking for a maintenance job to be done, combining our services is a great way to ensure a perfect finish.

Interested in adding some maintenance to your existing contract with us or you are a potential client looking to combine our services? Please get in touch here to discuss.








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