Grim habits in the workplace

We’ve all heard from friends moaning about a slob at work, or how their office hadn’t been cleaned properly. It’s rare for anyone to actually talk about their lovely clean office, it is just accepted that the a work place and office should be sparking clean and a pleasant place to work. A recent study[…]

Maintenance Sparkles style

We post a lot about our commercial cleaning services but we also offer a very competitive maintenance service. Our services include: Painting & decorating Plastering Carpentry & fencing Waste collection & clearances Lots of our clients actually combine our cleaning and maintenance services, giving them a quick turnaround on jobs without having to wait for[…]

Has the snow caused havoc?

You may or not have noticed, but the snow is back! There have been reports of 10 hour journeys home, tail backs and people abandoning their cars, whilst all the children on a snow day, are loving having an unexpected day off school. So how can the snow adversely affect your business? We hope no-one[…]

Commercial cleaning Cornwall

Out & About

Our work takes us all over Cornwall, from Penzance through to Newquay and further. A typical day can see us travel coast to coast and through lots of different towns, what makes our job so enjoyable, are the lovely people we meet and the gorgeous places we can stop and grab a bite at. After[…]

New Year – New Start

Christmas has come and gone and a new year has started. It’s at this time of the year that lots of new clients sign up to our services, as our clients decide to make changes in their lives. It could be that they have decided that they no longer want the stress of cleaning the[…]

Why good cleanliness in retail in so important

Shopping has become far more then just nipping to the shops to collect a few bits, it has become an experience and with that comes high expectations. There is also an increasing pressure on retailers. Internet shopping is killing off many high streets as it becomes a normal way for lots of people to shop.[…]